Morocco received 288 international letters rogatory in 2022

Morocco received 288 international letters rogatory in 2022

As part of international judicial cooperation, Moroccan judicial authorities received 288 letters rogatory from several countries in 2022, reveals a public prosecutor official.

International letters rogatory are often indispensable in the context of international legal cases. Two-thirds of these commissions were submitted to the Moroccan authorities by four countries, including 83 by France, 66 by Belgium, 34 by Turkey and 23 by Spain, said Achraf El Malki, judge and head of the Extradition Unit at the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, during a seminar organized on Saturday at the International Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL) on the role of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the fight against crime.

In terms of categories, the offenses of money laundering and international drug trafficking top the list, with a rate of 16% and 15%, respectively, followed by the offenses of fraud and theft with a rate of 13%, the formation of a criminal gang with a rate of 9%, then murders, falsification and attacks on the family system with a rate of 7%, while terrorist crimes represent 6%.

As for the international arrest warrants that were filed by the Moroccan public prosecutor’s office with the various courts of the Kingdom during the year 2022, the number of these notices amounts to 72, including 60 from the courts of first instance and 12 Courts of Appeal.

According to data shared by the Head of the Extradition Unit, the highest number of arrest warrants issued to international judicial authorities by Moroccan authorities, were issued by the Court of Appeal of Rabat, due to its national jurisdiction to rule on terrorism cases, while the highest number of warrants issued by the first instances is that of the Court of First Instance of Tangier.

In addition, the number of arrest warrants, whether against Moroccan citizens or foreigners, received by Moroccan judicial authorities from their foreign counterparts in 2022, reached a total of 49, compared to 34 warrants in 2021. , an increase of 19.6%.

Achraf El Malki revealed, in this sense, that France leads the countries that have submitted the largest number of arrest warrants to the Moroccan judicial authorities, followed by the United States with six warrants, then Belgium with four. warrants.

On the other hand, the number of extradition requests addressed by the Moroccan judicial authorities to the judicial authorities of other countries, during the past year, reached 75 requests. Spain being the main recipient with 50 requests received, or 66% of the total number, followed by France with 7 requests, then Italy with 6 requests.

Offenses relating to international drug trafficking top the list of 55 extradition requests issued by Moroccan judicial authorities, followed by terrorist crimes and computer crimes.

In the same year, Morocco received 20 complaints regarding the monitoring of Moroccan citizens accused of crimes on the soil of other territories, which were forwarded to the competent authorities, two of which were implemented, and 18 complaints are still pending. .

On the other hand, the number of complaints issued by Moroccan judicial authorities to prosecute foreign citizens who have committed crimes on Moroccan soil and who have fled to their country reached three requests in 2022, and concern France, Belgium and Bulgaria.


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