Morocco reappointed as head of Arab Electricity Union

Morocco was reappointed on Saturday in Doha to the presidency of the Arab Electricity Union (UAE) for a second consecutive term (2022-2025).

Morocco was re-elected in the person of Abderrahim El Hafidi, Director General of the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), during the 56th session of the Board of Directors and the 17th session of the General Assembly of the UAE.

During this meeting, which was attended by the directors general of the electricity operators of the Arab member countries of the Union, Abderrahim El Hafidi presented the achievements of the UAE during the past mandate, which took effect in December 2018.

A strategic vision has been developed during this mandate, in order to create a new model for the modernization of the Union and, thus, to meet the challenges posed by the profound changes that this sector is undergoing on the Arab and global levels, namely Abderrahim El Hafidi, noting that it was also a question of strengthening the role of the UAE like the major international organizations and supporting Arab companies in the face of future challenges related to securing the energy supply electric.

The Director General of ONEE also indicated that in order to materialize this new vision, a study on the restructuring of the Union has been carried out by an international consulting firm, adding that a task force led by the ONEE has been appointed to supervise all stages of this study.

The main achievements related mainly to the development of a roadmap translated into action plans, which led to the modernization of the structures and mechanisms of the Union, he continued, also referring to the adoption of an effective system of governance and the reorientation of the missions and objectives of the UAE, in order to enable it to face the profound changes that the sector is experiencing.

All these issues have only strengthened the UAE’s determination to meet the challenges in the wake of the exceptional situation marked by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, he assured, noting that the health crisis has had a strong impact on the electricity sector worldwide, prompting companies to take new measures to guarantee the continuity of the supply of electrical energy under the best conditions.

In addition, the participants in this meeting presented their congratulations to Abderrahim El Hafidi for his re-election at the head of the UAE, expressing their commitment to work for the realization of ambitious projects, in order to allow the Union to occupy a place of choice in the world’s electricity sector.



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