Morocco ready to share its expertise

The Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco in Geneva, Omar Zniber, reiterated Monday in Geneva the will of Morocco to share its expertise, to promote an efficient and productive intellectual property system.

“Faithful to its approach making south-south cooperation a lever for development, the Kingdom of Morocco reiterates its willingness to share its expertise, to promote an efficient and productive intellectual property system”, underlined Omar Zniber who presented the declaration of the Kingdom within the framework of the 60th series of meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO, held under the presidency of Morocco.

“To do this, the Kingdom considers it wise, even essential, to appropriate a balanced intellectual property system, increasingly targeting SMEs, and further contributing to the integration of young people and women into economic life”, he continued.

He also noted that “Thanks to our common will and the commitment of the Moroccan Presidency of this Assembly, supported by both the Member States and the Secretariat, the continuity of WIPO’s work has been ensured, despite the constraints of the context pandemic “.

Also, despite the complex situation in which Morocco exercised this mandate, the fact remains that significant progress has been made, including the launch of the Medium-Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) for 2022-2026, defining WIPO’s action for the next five years, he noted.

Moreover, he said, the “Morocco supports WIPO in its efforts to advance its work and particularly welcomes the integration of the development dimension into all the structures of the Organization”.

Thus, at the normative level, “WIPO should ensure that these standards take into account the objectives of development, in particular by an agreement aiming at the convening of a Diplomatic Conference to adopt a Treaty on industrial designs, to even to strengthen the transparency and efficiency of the system, to encourage research and innovation while contributing to the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of these assets, ”he argued.

In this regard, Morocco, he continued, remains convinced of the possibility of finding favorable outcomes for all the pending processes, if, of course, we work in a spirit of goodwill, compromise and consensus. .

And to underline Morocco’s strong attachment to multilateralism as a catalyst adapted to the evolution of international relations, and to the role of WIPO, whose dynamism is greatly appreciated in this regard.



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