Morocco on the podium of world exporters

Morocco on the podium of world exporters

Definitely Moroccan tomatoes continue to shine on the international market. Indeed, Morocco has become the world’s third largest tomato exporter in 2022, according to the UN’s specialized website Comtrade.

The Kingdom, which had already joined the world’s top 5 in 2021, now supplants Iran and Spain by positioning itself third behind the Netherlands (second) and the all-category champion Mexico, which benefits from market exclusivity. bordering the United States to occupy the first step of the podium of the world’s largest exporters.

UN data reveals that Spain’s superiority over Morocco 10 years ago was 124.74%. In 2013, Spain exported 1,026.76 million kilograms of tomatoes to all destinations, while Moroccan exports did not exceed 457.93 million kilograms. In 2021, this superiority has crumbled by 118.98% to become only 5.24%, only. The difference was small, since 662.49 million kilograms were exported from Spain and 629.51 million kilograms from Morocco.

In 2022, Morocco in its momentum outclassed Spain by exporting 21.34% more tomatoes with 740.66 million kilograms compared to 610.4 million kilograms for its competitor, we will say. According to the same data, last year (2022), Mexico, the Netherlands, Morocco and Spain alone exported six out of ten tomatoes sold worldwide and accounted for 60.03% of total sales.

In the top 10, Mexico ranked first with 27.84% of the total volume of tomatoes sold in the world taking the lion’s share, with 1956.21 million kilograms of tomatoes. The Netherlands, with 12.96%, and a volume of 910.5 million kilograms, and Morocco, with 10.54%, with a total of 740.66 million kilograms sit on the podium. Next comes Spain at the foot of this podium with 8.69% of the world total, 610.4 million kilograms.

Turkey comes fourth with 520.18 million kilograms ahead of Iran. France is sixth with 324.26 million kilograms, China 249.12 million kilograms, Belgium 227.44 million kilograms, the United States 191.48 million kilograms and Canada 190.98 million kilograms . In terms of destination, Moroccan tomatoes were sent mainly to France with a total of 374.99 million kilograms, then to the United Kingdom with 140.79 million kilograms, the Netherlands with 78.14, l Spain with 56.59 and Mauritania with 23.24.

Mexico sent almost all of its tomato exports to the United States, accounting for 99.77%. The Netherlands sent 364.34 million kilograms of tomatoes to Germany, 149.73 million kilograms to the United Kingdom, 62.31 million kilograms to Italy, 48.84 million kilograms to Sweden and 48.08 million kilograms to Poland. As for the largest customer of Spanish tomatoes, Germany imported 170.6 million kilograms, followed by France with 82.42 million kilograms, the Netherlands with 73.93 million kilograms, the United Kingdom with 51 .14 ​​million kilograms and Poland fifth with 45.76 million kilograms, according to “Comtrade”.


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