Morocco needs 32,000 doctors and 65,000 nurses

Social coverage: Morocco needs 32,000 doctors and 65,000 nurses

Morocco is currently undertaking major social projects. There is of course the royal project of medical and social coverage, as well as the project of the reform of the health system. To do this, several points must be resolved in order to be able to succeed in these operations.

In an exclusive interview with MoroccoLatestNewsthe Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, considered that it is not possible to implement the social protection project without there being a qualified hospital structure, before specifying that major reforms are necessary given that the health system in Morocco is “ saturated which means we can’t hope for more.

According to the Minister of Health, Morocco took a long time to take bold decisions after 50 years of attrition, accumulation of problems within the sector and massive shortages, before royal instructions came to confirm the need to put put an end to this situation and bring about a revolution through new reforms that take into account human resources and the interest of the Moroccan citizen.

Among the features of the new reform, the minister in charge mentioned the approval of the ” regional management “. How ? Ait Taleb explained that each of the regions of the Kingdom will manage its medical human resources and will provide the means of training, in order to avoid pressure on the center and thus reduce the shortages, which today amount, according to the minister, to 32,000 doctors and 65,000 nurses.

In the light of this terrible shortage of medical human resources, the idea of ​​reducing the years of study in medicine to 6 years instead of 7 was imposed, notes Ait Taleb, before specifying that Morocco and France are the only countries that have continued to adopt 7 years of training in medicine despite the technological development of the means of training and pedagogy.

Thus, Morocco aims by 2025 to increase the indicator from 1.7 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants to 2.5 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, and to increase it to 4.2 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants in the next few years. years, said the Minister. Figures that are part of the sustainable development goals recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), recalled Ait Taleb.

In response to a question fromMoroccoLatestNews Regarding the sad reality of certain health structures, the Minister of Health stressed that Morocco has the best hospitals and very advanced equipment, refusing to forge a vision of the sector through the Emergency situation which does not reflect, according to him, the image of hospitals and state-of-the-art equipment, given that 80% of the 100 emergency room arrivals are not in medical emergencies and thus contribute to creating confusion, he insisted.


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