Morocco named one of Africa’s top real estate investment countries

Morocco named one of Africa’s top real estate investment countries

Morocco ranked fifth among six African nations that stood out as attractive options for real estate investors seeking exceptional returns on the continent, according to a recent Business Insider research.

With nearly fifty countries, the continent’s economic landscape is diverse, but several states have undergone economic reforms that make them appealing to businesses. 

Despite obstacles such as corruption and lack of transparency, Africa offers returns on investment that are difficult to find abroad, underlined the same source.

African countries achieved remarkable annual returns of 14% in the first decade of this century, beating many emerging markets.

Morocco, ranked fifth in the list of six countries, has a real estate market supported by great economic resiliency, which can be attributed in part to the resurgence of tourism.

Business Insider notes that Morocco’s real estate market is becoming an appealing investment option for those looking for stability and long-term returns in North Africa as the nation’s economy and reputation as a tourist destination continue to flourish.

Nigeria tops the list of the Top African countries for the real estate market, offering investors the chance to profit from a growing industry that is ready for expansion.

The potential for returns increases as the industry prospers, fueled by urban revitalization, job growth, and strategic investments. 

Nigerian real estate is a wise choice for investors looking for high-growth markets in Africa despite issues like manufacturing cost increases.

Kenya ranked second, with a dynamic real estate landscape that offers investors resilience, growth, and opportunities, making it an ideal choice in the African real estate arena.

Ghana’s real estate market, marked by stability, growth, and attractive returns, placed the country in the third spot. 

Claiming the fourth spot on the list, South Africa’s real estate market is currently undergoing digital transformations.

Cities are now selling “sky rights” as they grow upwards, and sustainable and eco-friendly building practices are gaining traction, opening up new financial opportunities for the country.

Morocco ranked fifth for its steady demand for housing.

Lastly, Rwanda, with alluring investment opportunities, was placed sixth.


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