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Morocco must repatriate illegal migrants

Visiting Morocco on November 22 and 23, the French Minister Delegate in charge of foreign trade and attractiveness, Franck Riester, affirmed that France has reduced the granting of visas for Moroccans following recurring difficulties in matters of repatriation of illegal migrants to France by Morocco.

Since the Covid-19 crisis, we have had recurring difficulties in terms of rehabilitations by Morocco of nationals in an irregular situation in France. Faced with this situation, it was decided to halve the issuance of visas », Declared the French minister.

The government official indicated that “ that we arrive as quickly as possible to have a possible return, as was the case before the covid, of irregular Moroccan nationals from France to Morocco“. A criteria “absolutely key in our migration policy, in the case of a partnership with Morocco», He underlined.

We have therefore really made these concerns known to the Moroccan authorities. We need to have results, as quickly as possible, to come out on top of this situation. And you understand that we must be able to find a level of return and rehabilitations of nationals in an irregular situation in France to Morocco similar to what it was before the covid crisis.», Concluded the Minister Delegate in charge of foreign trade and attractiveness, on the question of the reduction of the issuance of visas which aroused the indignation of Moroccans who wished to go to France for tourism or other.

Regarding the new Moroccan government, Franck Riester explains his will“To exchange with our counterparts and talk about economic partnerships between Morocco and France and the question of France’s support for the NMD as well as its implementation”.In parallel with the NMD, France has an ambitious project to be implemented, the recovery plan and the 2030 plan.“In these two strategies, there is a great convergence, in particular in the priority given to technologies, to start-ups, then the ambition to deploy us in Africa. This coherence of our strategies suggests and perceives possible partnerships in the future ”, supports the Minister.

“We can do better in strengthening trade exchanges, particularly with regard to French investments in Morocco, but also Moroccan investments in France”, believes Franck Riester who recalls that Morocco is the leading investor in Africa in France.




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