Morocco-Mauritania trade surges to $300 million in 2022, notes 58% growth

Morocco-Mauritania trade surges to 0 million in 2022, notes 58% growth

Trade exchanges between Morocco and Mauritania surged in 2022 to reach a value of $300 million, a staggering 58% growth compared to 2020, according to figures published by the economic department within Morocco’s embassy in Nouakchott.

“This upturn in the volume and value of trade further solidifies Morocco’s position as the primary supplier to the Mauritanian market within Africa,” said the embassy in a statement.

Imports from Morocco constitute nearly 50% of Mauritania’s total imports from the African continent, contributing over 73% to Mauritania’s imports from Maghreb countries.

Approximately 80% of Morocco’s exports to Mauritania were comprised of food and agricultural products, manufactured goods, as well as transportation machinery and equipment. Vegetables and fruits alone constitute around 20% of the export volume.

This growth owes itself to several factors, including geographical proximity between the two nations, smooth dealings between Moroccan suppliers and their Mauritanian counterparts, efficient logistical chains, and the outstanding reputation and high quality of Moroccan products in the Mauritanian market, said the embassy.

The Guerguerat Border Crossing between Morocco and Mauritania significantly boosted trade flow. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping this crossing open ensured continual trade between both nations, said the embassy.

Morocco also stands as the foremost investor in Mauritania at the African level, with significant presence across vital sectors such as telecommunications, banking, fishery product processing, agriculture, cement production, building materials, domestic gas distribution, and petroleum product distribution.

“This consistent growth in trade exchanges is the result of the political leadership’s support in both Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. On multiple occasions, both nations expressed the importance of developing bilateral relations by harnessing their capabilities to foster cooperation and economic integration, aiming to establish a robust partnership between the two brotherly countries,” said the embassy.

To bolster this momentum and expand the horizons of economic cooperation in trade and investment, both countries are preparing for a new session of the Moroccan-Mauritanian Economic and Investment Forum in Nouakchott. Additionally, plans are underway for the second edition of the Moroccan Trade and Economic Exhibition in Nouakchott at the beginning of the coming year.


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