Morocco, Israel sign MoU for enhanced cooperation on disaster management

Morocco, Israel sign MoU for enhanced cooperation on disaster management

Morocco and Israel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at fostering increased cooperation in the field of health risk management linked to natural disasters, according to Atalayar.

The memorandum was signed on the sidelines of the 2nd African Conference on Health Risk Reduction in Marrakech, which was organized by African Global Health and the Government of Morocco.

The MoU was signed during a bilateral meeting between Moroccan AGH President Imane Kendili and Israeli the Director General of the Sheba Medical Centre, where both leaders expressed their commitment to strengthening ties and exploring new avenues of partnership.

Lahcen Ait Brahim, a professor at Mohammed V University and a member of the National Commission for Disaster Management, said thatMorocco has two active earthquake-prone regions, namely the Atlantic and Rifian mountain chains, which are situated between the African and European tectonic plates. 

These areas are susceptible to seismic activity originating from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Ait Brahim highlighted Morocco’s historical encounters with natural disasters, notably the devastating earthquakes that struck Fes in 1522 and Meknes in 1755. He also drew attention to the unexpected Al-Haouz earthquake of 2023, which occurred in an area previously considered unlikely to experience seismic tremors.

In response to these calamities, Morocco has taken immediate actions to enhance its ability to withstand earthquakes. Following the Al-Haouz earthquake, the country implemented a building code focused on constructing earthquake-resistant structures.

Morocco has proactively prepared for future disasters by creating suitability maps for urban development. These maps offer explicit guidance on suitable areas for construction, minimizing risks and strengthening the nation’s overall disaster readiness

This landmark memorundom showcases the growing diplomatic and economic relations between Morocco and Israel, building upon their historic normalization of ties.


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