Morocco is experiencing momentum and a virtuous dynamic of development

Morocco is experiencing momentum and a virtuous dynamic of development

Since the 1990s, Morocco has experienced a particular momentum and a virtuous dynamic of development, underlined the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, during a meeting under the theme “Morocco in the new world, Testimonies”.

“As part of the work of the Special Commission on the Development Model (CSMD), a review of the recent trajectory of Morocco’s development has shown that the Kingdom has experienced, since the mid-1990s, a particular momentum and a virtuous dynamic. of development,” noted Benmoussa during this debate held on Tuesday in Rabat, as part of the 28th International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL).

“This development comes from the modernization of infrastructures, the launch of numerous sectoral strategies and various programs, in particular those related to renewable energies, human development, the reduction of unsanitary housing and the generalization of schooling and education. ‘electrification,’ he said.

In addition, Benmoussa highlighted the role of the New Development Model, which is able to build a shared reference system and mobilize all of the country’s driving forces for its implementation, adding that “it constitutes a vision of the future and explicit objectives for 2035″.

“It also proposes a method of development and strategic orientations which aim to make effective the promises of the constitution and facilitate the convergence of actors around common objectives”, he added.

The new development model is a collective ambition and a development reference which, through an organizational doctrine and principles of action, defines the role of the actors and their interactions as well as the methods of driving change, indicated the Minister, adding that “this model is nourished by the multi-secular history of the Kingdom which has forged its national identity and enriched it with the multiple cultural tributaries that compose it”.

“The reflection around this model, which was initiated by King Mohammed VI, took place in a global context marked by rapid change under the effect of globalization, technological developments and crises of all kinds, including environmental ones. , health, security and geopolitics”, he added.

This meeting, which brought together a host of eminent personalities from the political, economic and academic worlds, made it possible to discuss several issues, including the development of territories, the empowerment of women, the exercise of forecasts, the crisis of representations and the memory of peoples.


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