“Morocco is experiencing an exceptional Momentum”

“Morocco is experiencing an exceptional Momentum”

“By making the wealth of all its diversities the driving force of its social modernity, the Kingdom of Morocco has confirmed and strengthened its temporal and spiritual leadership,” King’s Counselor André Azoulay said on Friday in Rabat.

Speaking at the headquarters of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) in the large conference room which had been full for the occasion, Azoulay welcomed the opportunity ” unprecedented but so rich in meaning given to him today to speak before ICESCO”.

“What country other than my country, Morocco, could have embodied as we are doing together this morning, this lucid, determined and uninhibited message of what diversity, citizenship and pluralism can be and can say in the land of Islam”, underlined the King’s Counsel, who was the guest of the “Future Interviews” initiative, organized by ICESCO’s Center for Strategic Foresight.

“This is neither a ceremonial exercise nor a matter of circumstance”, added Azoulay, highlighting “the exceptional aggiornamento that Morocco is experiencing and which confirms the pioneering and visionary character of the strategic choices and reforms implemented by King Mohammed VI, reforms which have consecrated the Moroccan example within a Community of Nations in search of benchmarks and which has now taken the proper measure of this Moroccan reality which has imposed itself on all “.

This Moroccan reality is today carried and embodied by the greatest number, underlined in conclusion the King’s Counselor by forcefully recalling “the consensus that is larger, more committed, more militant and more proactive every day of Moroccan civil society in listening to all the narratives and who proudly endorses this dynamic for more and better of a Morocco that has become the international benchmark for the art of all possibilities”.

For his part, ICESCO Director General Salim Al Malik said the conference aims to promote ideas with transformative potential to shape our common future.

“Thanks to the dialogues and deep exchanges, we are navigating in a rich universe of infinite possibilities and unveiling audacious concepts capable of redefining the world which awaits us”, underlined Al Malik.

The goal, he continued, is to “dive into topics that take on heightened importance, in an era marked by continued mutations, shifting economic paradigms, complex societal challenges and above all unprecedented technological advancements.” .

Through this conference, “we will all together venture beyond the bounds of conventional wisdom, harnessing the power of the collective intellect to uncover profound insights that will light our way to a brighter future,” concluded Al Malik.


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