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Morocco: Industry, a successful bet

Morocco, under the enlightened and proactive leadership of King Mohammed VI, has demonstrated a national industry based on weighty sectors, proving prowess in terms of industrialization and export promotion.

An important lever for national economic growth, the industry has won the challenge of demonstrating to the whole world the Kingdom’s ability to initiate recovery while ensuring real sustainability in dynamic sectors such as the automobile, agri-food, textile and renewable energies.

Let’s start with the first exporting sector in Morocco, the automobile, considered as one of the factors of creation of value and jobs. It promises the national industry growth prospects that can only favor the place of choice occupied by the Kingdom in the club of major car manufacturers.

According to recent figures from the Office des Changes, exports in the automotive sector increased by 24.4% to nearly 41.36 billion dirhams (MMDH) at the end of May 2022 against 33.23 billion dirhams a year earlier. .

Indicators affirmed by Bank Al-Maghrib which estimates, in its recent report on monetary policy, that these exports should increase by 33.7% at the end of 2022. These qualitative results show a still promising sector which has all the the opportunities and the means necessary to go further.

The agri-food industry, today rich in some 2,100 companies employing 161,671 people and representing a turnover (CA) of 161 billion dirhams, or 24% of industrial turnover, plays a key role in food security and the industrial sovereignty of the Kingdom. .

With considerable strengths, this strategic sector is one of the few markets that continually pursue their upward trend, thanks in particular to the far-reaching reforms and the numerous structural projects launched, such as the Green Morocco Plan, the Halieutis Plan and the Development Plan. ‘Industrial Acceleration which has created a favorable commercial and industrial environment.

As for textiles, a sector that is undergoing major transformations, it now represents more than 1,800 companies and no less than 200,000 jobs, or 22% of industrial employment in Morocco. Its exports reached record levels, registering an increase of around 33% during the first four months of the current year.

Also, the industrial success of Morocco affects the field of renewable energies, whose know-how is sought after by several countries wishing to exploit their potential in this area to generalize access to energy on their territory. Indeed, the Kingdom is cited as an example in international bodies due to its experience and achievements in this area.

Over the past two decades, Morocco has become a leader in this area, through massive investments in renewable energies. The objective being to increase the electricity mix to exceed 52% by 2030.

We should also remember the Kingdom’s interest in energy transition, as evidenced by the creation within the government of a Department whose prerogatives are dedicated to this issue.

Recognized internationally, the progress made by the industry sector in Morocco was recently crowned by the Arab Prize for Quality, won in its second edition by five Moroccan industrial companies.

A triumph that demonstrates the place of choice now occupied by several Moroccan industrial sectors at the global level.




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