Morocco hosts the first electronic cigarette fair from July 14 to 15

Morocco hosts the first electronic cigarette fair from July 14 to 15

Morocco hosts the first e-cigarette show to be held at the CICEC exhibition center in Casablanca from July 14 to 15, 2023. An event destined to become one of the most important exhibitions in the Moroccan market, offering a multitude of innovations, opportunities and commercial collaborations for both exhibitors and consumers.

In a statement, the organizers point out that this fair will present a comprehensive showcase of various electronic cigarette products, representing the entire industrial chain. Over 80 e-cigarette companies from over 10 countries and regions including China, UAE, UK, USA, Poland and France will participate in the event, the same source said. .

Chinese exhibitors alone will account for more than 70% of the total, showcasing the latest products, technologies and solutions. These exhibitors aim to provide a fresh experience for visitors, inspire global innovation and create a leading consumer trend. This show is an ideal platform for electronic cigarette brands to make their first appearances and exhibit their offers, the organizers point out.

Thus, exhibitors will showcase their innovation and power, introducing new products and consumer experiences that have never been seen before on the Moroccan market. At the same time, the show will provide an opportunity for Moroccan consumers to experience different brands and styles of e-cigarettes and interact face-to-face with industry experts, distributors and sales representatives.

Additionally, a series of opening ceremonies, guest visits, professional forums and conferences will be held, covering important topics such as regulations, health impacts and market trends in the healthcare industry. the electronic cigarette, indicate the organizers.

With the rapid rise of e-cigarettes around the world, Morocco, as the economic hub and innovation hub of North Africa, is emerging as a thriving market for the industry. According to industry professionals, this show will mark an important milestone for the electronic cigarette market in Morocco, offering excellent opportunities for national and international companies to expand their market, find potential partners and strengthen their knowledge of the industry.“, say the organizers.


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