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Morocco has paid a high price for the supply of anti-Covid-19 vaccines

At a time when countries are still facing difficulties in obtaining sufficient quantities of anti-Covid 19 vaccines, Morocco has already acquired more than 71 million doses, for a total cost of approximately 7.5 billion dirhams. according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It is the Special Fund dedicated to the management of the Covid-19 pandemic which provided the bulk of the financing, although two organizations and not least the CNSS and the CNOPS contributed a little more than a quarter. The two funds having participated in this financing to the tune of 2 billion dirhams and a little dust, of which 663 million dirhams were paid by the CNSS and 1.37 billion dirhams by the CNOPS. This contribution, it is said, is justified by a drop in medical expenses that the two organizations have borne during the given period of confinements which has generated surpluses, hence this surge of solidarity.

However, while the supply of anti-Covid vaccines was increasingly difficult on a global scale, and deliveries were being made in dribs and drabs, the Kingdom was able to overcome the difficulties and slip through the cracks. without impacting the vaccination operation in Morocco thanks to a most distinguished anticipatory approach. Indeed, after several months of campaigning, Morocco has so far been able to acquire more than 71 million doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, which has made it possible to succeed in the different phases of the vaccination campaign. Admittedly, an effort is still awaited as regards the 3and dose administered to just over 5,560,000, compared to the more than 24,734,000 citizens who have benefited from the first and 23,180,000 who have received the second since the launch of the campaign. That said, Morocco has been highly praised by the international community for its vaccination campaign which, it should be remembered, was carried out free of charge for the citizens, the State taking charge of this operation on high royal instructions.

It would have cost otherwise for each Moroccan fully vaccinated if at his expense, a little more than 315 DH, the dose costing 105 DH. For the time being, more than 53.5 million doses have been administered, with Morocco having a stock of 17.5 million doses, not counting the Benslimane vaccine manufacturing and production plant under construction. have recently been launched under the aegis of King Mohammed VI, nor has the “Fill&Finish” program for the Sinopharm vaccine by Sothema under the wing of the Pasteur Institute of Morocco. It is thanks to its anticipatory policy and the diversity of suppliers that the Kingdom has overcome this health crisis which seems to be coming to an end. In this regard, many of our scientists advocate the lifting of restrictions which have had a strong impact on the health and economic performance of the country.




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