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Morocco has made giant strides

Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, has gone through important stages in terms of change and modernization of the management style of the public ecosystem. This is the report delivered, this beginning of the week, phasr r. Mohammed Rhachi at theopening of the works of 11e international symposium on public management.

In the presence of an international network of nearly 150 researchers and practitioners in public management from different countries (Morocco, France, Canada, Switzerland, Cameroon, Senegal, etc.), the President of the Mohammed V University of Rabat (UM5), indicated on this occasion that this change ” takes place through several reform and rehabilitation projects aimed at having a modern, resilient and evolving management style, capable of overcoming development challenges and enabling citizens to enjoy their rights and fulfill their commitments with dignity and decency “.

In his speech, the president of the UM5 of Rabat also specified that the problem selected for this edition placed under the sign ” Visions and values ​​of public management in a context of crisis(es) is of paramount importance in the sense that the success of any development action is primarily dependent on the performance of public action.

Speaking on this occasion, Omar Hniche, President of the Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Performance and Competitiveness (CIRPEC) stressed that ” this 11e edition will be held for the first time outside of French territory adding that “the choice of UM5 to host this important event consecrates the university’s international positioning and scientific excellence as well as its commitment to the development and modernization of public action.

Omar Hniche also explained that the CIRPEC is a center relavant to the UM5 and domiciled at the FSJES-Souissi. It brings together more than 100 permanent teacher-researchers and several national and international expert members and associated researchers. It federates three research structures covering 3 major disciplinary fields related to performance and competitiveness.

This 11e edition was organized by UM5 through its Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Performance and Competitiveness and in partnership with the International Association for Research in Public Management (AIRMAP) and the Management Research Laboratory of the University of Paris Saclay (LAREQUOI ), June 2 and 3 at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences – Souissi.

On the program of this symposium, scientific papers on topical subjects of public management and the organization of public action. Two round tables on Morocco’s New Development Model as a new paradigm for public action “, and on “ the specificities and developments of African public management in the context of crises will be held.

The symposium will also see the awarding of the Prize for the best thesis in public management for the year 2021, as well as the Prizes for the best communication ” young researcherr” and the best communication in health and social management.




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