Morocco has concluded driving license recognition agreements with 20 countries

Morocco has concluded driving license recognition agreements with 20 countries

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, announced that Morocco has concluded mutual recognition agreements for driving licenses with 20 foreign countries, including 8 agreements concluded with Arab countries, 6 agreements with African countries and 6 others concluded with European countries.

In a response to a parliamentary question asking him that the difficulties of using the Moroccan driving license in certain foreign countries, particularly for Moroccans residing abroad, the Minister of Transport replied that Morocco has concluded recognition agreements mutual with 20 countries.

He then explained that for Moroccans abroad, and according to the rules of each country, drivers with a Moroccan license can use it for a certain period of time or must replace it with a driving license from the country of residence, according to mutual recognition agreements for driving licenses or according to the principle of reciprocity.

Within the framework of the principle of reciprocity, according to the Minister’s response, members of the Moroccan community residing in certain countries whose legislation implicitly recognizes the Moroccan driving license, such as France, South Korea, Romania, Poland, Japan and Hungary, are authorized to exchange their Moroccan driving licenses for those of these countries.

The Minister also affirmed that after the entry into force of new generation electronic driving, the National Road Safety Agency has endeavored to send the new form to the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to disseminate it. to all the consulates and embassies of the countries with which the Kingdom has concluded mutual recognition agreements for driving licenses.

He also stressed that the procedures for replacing the Moroccan driving license for Moroccan immigrants are proceeding normally, and that there has been no delay in the issuance of the Moroccan driving license equivalent to these countries, with the exception of Italy, with whom the agreement is being updated after several correspondences have been exchanged with the authorities of this country.

However, the conditions for obtaining an equivalent permit in the country of residence are not easy for Moroccans who have to go through all the steps to obtain the precious sesame.

They have to spend hours learning the highway code of the country of residence, going over the code and practicing assisted driving in a driving school, which incurs significant costs and calls into question the very existence of “agreements » mutual recognition of driving licenses.


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