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Morocco has an agile industrial capacity

Morocco currently has an industrial capacity that has demonstrated its agility, said Thursday in Casablanca, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour.

Speaking at the first annual conference of the “Think 2 impact” cycle, initiated by the Moroccan Association of Arts and Crafts Engineers (Arts & Crafts Alumni), the Minister noted that the Kingdom has demonstrated its industrial capacity to respond not only to its needs but also to the needs of surrounding countries and friendly countries.

Morocco, he continued, has also demonstrated its innovative capacity to create and invent solutions to meet its needs, affirming that young Moroccans are able to offer innovative solutions today.

“These solutions will not only ensure national industrial sovereignty, but also industrial sovereignty at the regional level”he noted in this regard.

He also stressed that the organization of this conference, placed under the theme “Industrial and economic sovereignty: Challenges, assets and prospects”, is in perfect line with the High Guidelines of King Mohammed VI, relating to the strengthening of the industrial sovereignty of the Kingdom alongside food sovereignty and health sovereignty.

For his part, the president of the Institute of Aeronautical Professions (IMA) and honorary president of the grouping of Moroccan aeronautical and space industries (GIMAS), Hamid Benbrahim El Andaloussi, highlighted the interest to develop and take ownership of national industries, in particular aeronautics, while meeting current challenges, particularly those related to decarbonization.

In this sense, he focused on the capital importance of consolidating achievements in global industrial professions while ensuring that they become sustainable. “We undoubtedly have a fabulous window of opportunity to become an economically sustainable relocation platform”he said to this effect.

The secretary general of the Moroccan Association of Arts and Crafts Engineers and co-founder of EngiMa, Houda Farrahe, insisted on the establishment of the support mechanisms necessary for Moroccan industries and the preparation of Moroccan skills. in the industrial field able to acquire the necessary know-how to launch new professions.

This will make it possible to have profiles capable of guaranteeing industrial sovereignty, she said, adding that the digitalization of processes allows the Moroccan company to improve and strengthen its competitiveness at the international level.

For her part, the president of the Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS), CEO Guepard Group, Abdelmalek Alaoui, highlighted the advantages of having a solid network of contacts, calling on entrepreneurs to maintain their relationships with their partners “because tomorrow it is they who will fill their order books”.

“The network is a strength that we do not use enough in Morocco”he observed, noting that this is an important asset that allows to reach more customers and eventually achieve rapid growth.

This conference, which was marked by the participation of guests with a background and proven experience in the Moroccan industrial and economic scene, was also an opportunity to emphasize the geopolitical and economic positioning of Morocco in the context current. The Moroccan Association of Arts and Crafts Engineers is a non-profit organization that works to promote and consolidate the profile of Arts and Crafts engineers in Morocco and internationally. It seeks to promote the role of the “Arts & Métiers engineer” as the main actor and stakeholder in the socio-economic fabric of the Kingdom.




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