Morocco has adopted a relevant strategy on the migration issue

Morocco has adopted a relevant strategy on the migration issue

Morocco has adopted a relevant strategy on the migration issue, confirming its important role in this area at the regional and continental levels, said the secretary general of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), Bruno Gonçalves.

On the sidelines of his participation in the first international forum of young socialist and social-democrat parliamentarians, which is being held in Marrakech from 29 to 31 current, Gonçalves highlighted Morocco’s commitment to managing the migration issue on the basis of a humanist approach, noting that the Kingdom “has found a way of progress and economic development in favor of its people and all the other people who are permanently settled there or who consider it as a country of transit”.

“Morocco therefore plays a strong and important role in Africa, particularly in the northern region, regarding the issue of immigration,” he added, stressing that the Kingdom shares borders not only with countries of Africa, but also with European countries such as Spain and Portugal, which is quite obvious, given the maritime borders.

In this context, he called on all neighboring countries to adopt the maximum possible public policies that protect both the human dignity of migrants settled in the countries and those who wish to find new opportunities elsewhere, supported the SG of IUSY.

Given the consequences of bad policies on decades of migration and against the backdrop of geopolitical challenges facing the world, all actors must be responsible and progressive when it comes to immigration, he said. , emphasizing that human lives cannot be a tool and that human beings deserve to live with dignity.

The International Forum of Young Socialist and Social Democratic Parliamentarians, organized by the Ittihadya Socialist-Opposition Group in the House of Representatives, in partnership with Ittihadya Youth and the “MENA-Latina” network, under the theme “contribution of young parliamentarians to the promotion of progressive and equitable public policies”, aims to encourage young parliamentarians to work together and analyze current issues and propose innovative and effective solutions, by promoting their ability to use new technologies and social networks to mobilize and sensitize others to important causes, including those related to social justice, the environment and gender equality.


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