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Morocco-France: Why is Jamel Debbouz controversial?

Dual nationality can sometimes be a source of confusion, a complex dilemma or difficulties in choosing a side. This was also the case for many supporters during the matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in particular Moroccan celebrities who have a different nationality, but for Jamel Debbouze, who made it known that he would not choose between Morocco and France in the semi-finals, it became a controversy.

The Franco-Moroccan comedian clarified in an interview with beIN Sports that he could not choose between the two countries which found themselves face to face in the semi-finals. “It would be like my father playing against my mother. It’s impossible…», did he declare. However, Jamel Debbouze appeared in a particular half-Moroccan, half-French jersey to support his remarks on his difficulty in choosing between the two selections, which sparked dissatisfaction and criticism from several Moroccan supporters, artists and journalists. .

Many do not accept the behavior or “choice» of the comedian and pointed out that “ either you are fully Moroccan or you are not». In this regard, the Moroccan journalist Rachid Allali, the presenter of “Rachid Show” commented “to be half Moroccan does not exist! It’s either Moroccan or not. Our country’s jersey is not to be divided or shared. There, you made a mistake».

The comedian was thus accused of hypocrisy and ingratitude and considered to be “licking your heels”.“, in particular after the circulation of a video showing Debbouze jubilant after the first goal scored by the Blues. He is accused of having hidden his real feelings and of havingtook Moroccans for idiots“.

While others have defended the position of the Franco-Moroccan comedian, and justified his behavior by saying that he was right and that he did not deny his mother’s nationality. However, he remained faithful to the nationality of the country in which he grew up and made his career, adding that he had always supported the “Lions of the Atlas” and proof of this was his recent visit to the residence of Moroccan players. in Qatar to provide them with support and assistance.

In addition, many have compared Debbouze’s attitude to that of Gad Elmaleh, the Moroccan comedian of Canadian nationality who has made no secret of his support for the Moroccan national team.

I would know how to do it. I support Morocco, my country of birth. My mother does not play against my father. I am for Morocco. I totally see them going to the final»he confided in the morning Week-End on RMC.

Gad Elmaleh had indicated that “it’s historic for Morocco, it’s moving. I cried, I sent messages to Bounou (after the victory in eighth against Spain), he is an exceptional man. I’m no football expert, but these players play with their soul. I really like the coach, he’s a friend, we talk. Now’s not the time to bother him, but he knows I got his back».

He continued, saluting the Moroccan coach, whom he “a very interesting history with football, he coached the club of my childhood in Casablanca which I support, Wydad. Yes, it is surprising, but it is not the result of chance. There is a strength and an energy in this team. There is a form of connection, empathy, emotion, even from other countries and even outside the Arab world».



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