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Morocco-France the pre-match from all political angles

If this 2022 World Cup brought its share of magic, and offered a France-Morocco like never before, this match will not remain for all that, eagerly awaited only on the strict sports plan.

Indeed with all the interest it takes on sporting considerations since it is the penultimate step before being able to play the final and the trophy, sure that there is a will on both sides. other to remove the event from its context.

This match will also be played outside Qatar, in the streets and public spaces on both shores of the Mediterranean. With such passion, in this particular context, there are fears on the security level, especially on the side of France, where it is clear that overexcited fans have slipped up. Also, the security services are already preparing for overflows Wednesday day of the match.

Mustapha Tossa, guest of 90 minutes Info on CNEWS declared “ that on the Moroccan side during the qualifications of Morocco and France on Saturday everything went well and there was not the slightest incident, everyone went out and celebrated in a peaceful and good-natured way “.

Bouncing on the words of the former leader of the RAID Jean-Michel Fauvergue, Mustapha Tossa declared that it was necessary to question the capacity of the security approach of the French government to prevent this kind of events.

For a number of years, every time there is a popular gathering at the end there are incidents he will say. “How come we fail on the security design? and why only in France and not in other countries. Of course such actions on the part of thugs are reprehensible but it remains a minority, ”he said.

Tahar Ben Jelloun for his part in response to Alain Finkielkraut who spoke of the feeling of “Francophobia” more and more frequent in France indicated ” he exaggerates, of course there are idiots who break the windows and who come to spoil the party but we must not generalize and talk about Francophobia as Finkielkraut says. Let’s say that there is a certain exasperation among some but there is no hatred of France “.

Mustapha Tossa among other guests on the set with in particular Alain Lelouche former minister and Benjamin Cuchy indicated in response to Alain Lelouche who spoke of a feeling of historic revenge in this match ” as for historical revenge, me as a Moroccan I never felt that there was any conflict with France. There is no account to settle with France, there is not this legacy of history which could act as an engine of revenge”.

Among those who come down to break there are those who know neither the North African nor the French reality, confined in this in a kind of margin, and these events give them the opportunity to assert themselves. But that’s still a very small minority. We must not fall into the magnifying glass effect, to say Francophobia or civil war are harsh words and a clear desire for exaggeration, ”said Mustapha Tossa.

The political context of this France-Morocco, continued the journalist, “ it must be placed in the relations between the two countries. It is certain that there is a cold crisis between the two capitals. Currently there is preparation for the visit of Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna will soon be going to Morocco, so it’s a match that takes place in a political showdown and we hope for the start of a thaw. “.

He will conclude thus: Just to rectify the reason for this cold, it is not the consular pass or the visa, but just that Morocco asked France, which it considers as a strategic partner, to decide on the question of its territorial integrity. “.



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