Morocco elected to chair ACDS

Morocco elected to chair ACDS

Morocco, in the person of the president of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Electronic Games, Hicham El Khlifi, was elected, Monday in Casablanca, at the head of the African Confederation of Digital Sports (ACDS).

El Khlifi was unanimously elected head of the ACDS at the end of the general assembly to establish this body, held with the participation of 40 countries.

The creation of ACDS marks an important step in the development of Africa in the field of digital sports. As such, the members of this confederation expressed their sincere and heartfelt thanks to King Mohammed VI and the Kingdom of Morocco for having hosted this constitutive general assembly, which is major for the development of digital sports in Africa and for the Kingdom’s contribution to the development of sports in the continent.

ACDS will play an important role in the development and promotion of digital sports in Africa, a continent full of talents and young people passionate about digital sports, El Khlifi said on this occasion.

The ACDS is the result of our common determination to create a platform that will promote exchange and collaboration between the various actors of digital sport in Africa, he noted, committing to facilitate an open and transparent debate in to develop the practice of digital sports on the continent.

“This is the start of an exciting new era for digital sports in Africa. We are determined to make Africa a major player in the global digital sports industry, by creating opportunities for talented players, fostering inclusion and generating enthusiasm among fans,” he said. highlighted during this conclave, which was also marked by the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication.

For his part, the President of the Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM), Fayçal Laraïchi considered that the creation of the ACDS constitutes an important inflection point in the exchanges between African countries and their youth, ensuring that digital sports are in full extension with an increasingly growing number of practitioners.

The CNOM, alongside other National Olympic Committees around the world, will do everything possible to support digital sports, so that they become full-fledged sports in future Olympic Games, he promised, underlining that digital sports are, today, at the center of the concerns and main activities of young people.

According to him, the creation of the ACDS is the first step in a long march that will bear fruit on a continental scale.

It should be noted that the ACDS will aim to work to strengthen Africa’s presence in the field of digital sports and to offer new opportunities to African talents.


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