Morocco elected President of the Executive Council of ICESCO

The Moroccan candidate, Jamal Eddine El Aloua, was elected president of the Executive Council of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Monday in Cairo, on the sidelines of the 42nd session of the Council of this organization.

The representative of the Kingdom obtained 22 votes in the voting operation held for the first time in the history of ICESCO, ahead of the candidate of the State of Palestine, Dawas Rashid Dawas, who obtained 16 votes, and the candidate of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Timori Mitra, who obtained a single vote.

The final list of candidates for the presidency of the ICESCO Executive Board included three candidates, following the withdrawal of the representative of the Republic of Iraq, Alaa Abd Odah Jazea.

It was also agreed to constitute the Bureau of the Council, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Executive Council, so that the representative of the Republic of Maldives would occupy the post of Vice-President and the representative of the Republic of Guinea the post of Rapporteur of the Advice.

After the announcement of the results, the Director General of ICESCO Salem Bin Mohammed Al Malik expressed his thanks to the members of the Council, and congratulated the President-elect Mr. Jamal Eddine El Aloua, as well as the Vice-President and the Rapporteur. of the Council wishing them every success.

Speaking on this occasion, the Ambassador of Morocco in Egypt, Ahmed Tazi, thanked all the member states for their confidence in the candidate of the Kingdom, stressing that he will work in the service of all the member countries as well as in favor of the questions of concern to the organization, in coordination with the General Directorate of ICESCO.

At the end of the constitution of the Bureau of the Executive Council of ICESCO, the organization’s activity reports for the year 2021, the financial reports for the year 2020, the draft guidelines will be presented. strategic plans for 2025, as well as the draft action and budget plan for the next two years.

The agenda for this meeting of the Executive Council also includes the adoption of the draft agenda for the 14th session of the General Conference of ICESCO, which will be hosted by Egypt on December 8 and 9.



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