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Morocco could become a global green energy powerhouse

The Moscow-based Institute for the Development of Fuel and Energy Technologies shed light on Morocco’s green energy sector and the assets that would allow it to “become a world power” in this area.

“The Old Continent is moving rapidly towards a transition to renewable energies, in order to free itself from its dependence on fossil energy sources. For Morocco, this is a good opportunity to gain a foothold in one of the most coveted markets in the world”, writes the institute in an analysis entitled “Morocco will become a global powerhouse in green energy”. .

For the purposes of the analysis, published on its official portal, the Institute interviewed Ghalia Mokhtari, energy policy advisor at the Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence, about the prospects for the development of the green energy sector in Morocco.

According to the expert, Morocco is well placed to establish itself as a major player in renewable energies, given its geographical location and its great potential in terms of energy production, in particular clean energy.

“It is with these factors in mind that the Office National d’Electricité (ONE) announced, 19 years ago, a $3.4 billion development plan focused on renewable energy,” said indicated Ms. Mokhtari, noting that the Kingdom took a new step in the development of clean energies in 2008, through a complete reorganization of the national energy production system, where solar energy will play a major role alongside the wind power and the production of green hydrogen.

The expert also noted that Morocco has set itself the goal of achieving energy sovereignty by reducing the share of energy imported from abroad by 90% and increasing the share of energy produced by 80%. at the local level by 2050.

“These plans should make Morocco a leader in clean energy production in Africa, as well as globally, as foreign investors show great interest in the country’s generation capacity,” she said. noting that Morocco’s new energy plan should be mainly based on clean energy.

In the opinion of the expert, “the decarbonization of the industry will require significant investments, estimated at nearly 46.3 billion dollars”, to finance storage technologies and renewable energy transport infrastructures.

The various projects undertaken and commitments made will contribute to providing Morocco with clean energy, just as they will make the country a leading export power in the long term, concludes the analysis.

The Institute for the Development of Fuel and Energy Technologies aims to help energy specialists create a realistic picture of world energy and inform about the Russian energy sector and global’.



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