Morocco collaborates with American company to train professionals on cannabis production

Morocco collaborates with American company to train professionals on cannabis production

Morocco’s Consultative Association for the Use of Cannabis (AMCUC) and the American business ‘Advanced’ for Cannabis consumption signed a collaboration contract on Wednesday.

The Moroccan-American partnership aims to train Moroccan experts in the manufacture, use, and cultivation of cannabis.

The American industrial company is collaborating with the Moroccan cannabis consulting association to support the growth of the cannabis market in Morocco.

The training will be based on programs that are worldwide renowned and were created by specialists in both nations.

“The training will include knowledge of the properties and uses of medicines made from cannabis, as well as the licenses, irrigation techniques, and pesticides needed for cultivation and marketing appropriate for cannabis,” according to head of AMCUC Redouane Rabie.

The American company Advanced, which brings together international cannabis professionals, will offer logistical and technical support using specialists, experts, and global knowledge.

“Advanced sees the Moroccan market as a leading market that can compete with large international markets in terms of converting cannabis to multiple uses,” the head of the AMCUC said.

The legal use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes was recently established in Morocco.

The first cannabis seed was sown in Taounate province in May, which was a crucial step toward legalizing cannabis growing in Morocco.

The National Agency for the Legalization of Cannabis-Related Activities issued 180 licenses to 80 actors distributed between firms or cooperatives, as well as more than 600 permits to farmers.

The remaining licenses are for the manufacturing of CBD, which is used to make dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Morocco thus aims to gain from this industry by generating revenue, employment opportunities, and decreasing illegal trafficking.

Morocco is the world’s biggest producer of cannabis resin. An estimated 47,000 hectares of land in the nation is arable, mostly in the Rif mountains. For almost 800,000 individuals in the Rif region, cannabis is a source of income.

The National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-related Activities oversees providing industry participants with the necessary permits.

Law 13-21 was a significant improvement for Morocco’s economic and social development. Additionally, it has sparked the curiosity of other nations and foreign businesses looking to engage in Morocco’s cannabis industry.


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