Morocco Book Prize 2021: The winners unveiled

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication (culture department) unveiled on Saturday the list of the winners of the Morocco Book Prize for the 2021 edition.

A press release from the ministry specifies that in the Poetry category, the Prize was awarded ex aequo to Mohamed Ali Rabaoui and Rachid El Moumni.

The Narration Prize went to Ismail Ghazali for his novel “The cats of the archipelago”, published by éditions Méditerranée (Milan, 2020), while the “Human sciences prize” was awarded ex aequo to Boubkar Bouhadi for his book “Morocco and the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939” published by Editions Bab El Hikma (Tétouan, 2020) and Yahya El Yahyaoui, for the book “Ecosystem of digital data”, Editions Spinal (Paris, 2020).

The “Social Sciences Prize” was awarded ex aequo to Yahya Ben El Walid for his book “Where are the Arab intellectuals? Contexts et representations ”, published by Éditions Azmina (Amman, 2020), and Idriss Makboul for his book“ Man, town planning and language, a message of the deterioration of modules in the Arab city ”published by the Arab Center research and policy studies (Beirut, 2020).

The “Prize for Literary, Artistic and Linguistic Studies” was won by Nizar Tajditi while the “Prize for Translation” was shared by Ahmed Bouhassan and Mohammed El-Jarti.

The prize for studies in the field of Amazigh culture, it was awarded to Khalid Ansar for his work “Sibilants in Amazigh” published by the Okad publishing house (Rabat, 2020), while the prize for Amazigh literary creation was awarded ex-aequo to Hassan Oubrahim for his novel “Titbirin Tiḥrḍaḍ” (naked pigeons) published in Tira Editions (Agadir, 2020) and to Taieb Amkroud for his collection “Arokal” (Embers under the ashes) edited by the central printing press of Souss (Aït Melloul, 2020).

The jury decided not to award the prize for the book dedicated to children and young people this year.

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, who received on this occasion the president and the members of the jury of the Morocco Book Prize 2021, praised the work of the jury, affirming the determination of the ministry to develop this Prize and to organize a big ceremony which is up to the place of the Book within Moroccan society.

According to the ministry, some 192 books were in competition for the 2021 edition, touching on poetry (20), storytelling (46), humanities (19), social sciences (21), literary, artistic and linguistic studies (30), studies in the field of Amazigh culture (8), Amazigh artistic creation (17), books dedicated to children and young people (15) and translation ( 16).

The jury was chaired by Abdelali Ouedghiri, while the chairmanship of the sectoral committees was entrusted to Ahmed Rissouni (poetry), to Abdelkrim Jouiti (narration, Amazigh literary creativity and book dedicated to children and young people), to Ali Sedjari (social sciences), to Ahmed Chaouqi Benebine (human sciences), to Zohor Karam (literary, artistic and linguistic studies and studies in the field of Amazigh culture) and Abdennour Kharraki (translation).



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