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Morocco awarded at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva

Morocco, represented by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), won a gold medal with honors from the jury in the biotechnology category and a silver medal in the digital technology in agricultural management category, during the 48th edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (April 26-30).

UM6P, whose team was made up of Dr. Rafiq El Alami, head of the Digital Learning Lab & Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (DICE), and Dr. Hafid Griguer, deputy director of DICE, participated in this competition with two DeepTech solutions: BioTouch and LeafLife, in the Medical and Agriculture competition classes, respectively.

This competition, considered among the largest invention fairs and competitions in the world, brought together more than a thousand inventions presented by research universities and associations of inventors from more than 50 countries. The 2023 edition was particularly popular, being the first face-to-face since 2019. The BioTouch solution was awarded a gold medal with the honors of the Jury, which is considered the first place in the class bringing together more than 100 different inventions. This consecration is a first for Morocco in the 48 years of the competition. The LeafLife solution was awarded a silver medal in the competition.

BioTouch is a set of “lab-on-chip” technologies with a bipolarized microwave sensor capable of simultaneously sensing both types of glucose molecules in the blood, thus making it possible to give more precise values ​​on the concentration of sugar in the blood in patients with diabetes. Several other important features set BioTouch apart, such as the non-invasive approach that does not require blood sampling (painless measurement) and the ability to create personalized models per patient based on embedded Artificial Intelligence. BioTouch is thus exploring a new world of non-invasive biodiagnosis of vital human tracers, according to a press release from UM6P.

LeafLife, on the other hand, is a sensor technology that makes it possible to follow the osmotic activity of plants and to have real-time information on their irrigation needs. This technology optimizes the use of irrigation water and can be deployed to detect nutrient requirements. The sensor is installed directly on the leaves of the plant to retrieve information in real time.

“We are proud to represent Morocco in high-level international competitions such as Geneva Inventions. This success is the result of hard work on the part of our multidisciplinary teams, as well as the research and innovation ecosystem driven by UM6P,” said Dr. El Alami, quoted in the press release. “We will continue to invest in innovative projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment, while strengthening our position as a leader in technological innovation in Africa,” he added.



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