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Morocco and the UN celebrate the argan tree, a symbol of resilience

Morocco and the United Nations will celebrate in Agadir, the second edition of the International Day of the Argan tree, an endemic species of the Kingdom.

This event is intended to celebrate this emblematic tree and to promote its contribution to socio-economic and tourist development, as well as the preservation of biodiversity, the conservation of the balance of nature and the fight against climate change.

Organized this year under the theme: “The argan tree, symbol of resilience”, this event which will take place next Tuesday, will be a moment of national and international mobilization around this endemic tree and its ancestral ecosystem.

On this occasion, a high-level panel will be organized under the chairmanship of the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests.

It will bring together high-ranking speakers including the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and President of the United Nations Group for Sustainable Development. , the Director General of UNESCO, the Director General of WHO, the Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, the Deputy Director General of FAO and the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund.

On the sidelines of this event, the Minister will kick off the 6th edition of the International Congress of the Argan tree which will take place until May 13 and will bring together the national and international scientific community around the progress of scientific research for the benefit the sustainable and inclusive development of all links in the value chain of the Argan tree.

The argan tree or “Argania Spinosa” is a providential tree par excellence with multiple contributions on the economic, social and cultural levels, backed by a secular know-how which still supports several families.

Aware of the undeniable value of this green heritage, Morocco embarked early on in the preservation and enhancement of this singular tree, deciding, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions, the creation on November 11, 2009, of the National Agency for the development of oasis areas and the argan tree (Andzoa).

Enormous efforts which have continued by all stakeholders for the promotion, enhancement and preservation of the argan tree, which have proved conclusive, since it is at the initiative 100% of Morocco, that the UN General Assembly adopted on March 3, 2021, by consensus, a resolution proclaiming May 10 of each year as International Argan Day. A resolution that was largely co-sponsored by 113 member states of the United Nations.

This UN resolution recognizes the colossal contribution of the argan sector in the implementation of the 17 objectives of the 2030 agenda and the achievement of sustainable development in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

She also highlighted the multiple uses of argan oil, in particular, in traditional and complementary medicine and in the culinary and cosmetic industries.

The text of this commemoration also calls for enhanced international cooperation to support and promote the preservation of the argan biosphere and further develop sustainable growth in the argan production sector.

The proclamation of this International Day is an international recognition of the efforts of the Kingdom, under the High Guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI in the protection and enhancement of the argan tree, in particular thanks to the launch of a global program of development of argan cultivation over an area of ​​10,000 ha in Morocco.

The argan tree, a true example of exceptional adaptation to climate change, has been the subject of various reflections and concerted innovations in order to strengthen its capacity for ecological and socio-economic resilience.

The International Day will thus be an opportunity to share knowledge with the world on the capacity for resilience of an emblematic ecosystem carrying know-how and useful experiences to rebuild itself, and thus restore a balanced link between Man and nature.

This Day is an invitation to learn, share and celebrate this mythical tree, and a way to make its culture a lever for sustainable socio-economic development.




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