Morocco and Mauritania discuss securing borders from Polisario mercenary infiltrations 

Morocco and Mauritania discuss securing borders from Polisario mercenary infiltrations 

On the High Instructions of King Mohammed VI, Lieutenant General, Inspector General of FAR and Commander of the South Zone, leading a large military delegation, co-chaired, on Wednesday in Nouakchott the 4th meeting of the Moroccan-Mauritanian Joint Military Commission with the Chief of the General Staff of the Armies of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

The meeting, the fourth of its kind, is meant to strengthen bilateral military cooperation in the various areas of joint training and education, according to a statement by FAR General Staff.

During the meeting, FAR Inspector General praised the excellent level of Moroccan-Mauritanian cooperation and its positive outcome in the field of security and defense, while stressing the need to consolidate the exchange of experience and expertise between the two armed forces and thus contribute to security and stability in the region.

Military cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is governed by a memorandum of understanding which established the Joint Military Commission for the consolidation of bilateral relations in the field of defense, concluded the statement.

Professor of International Relations at Cadi Ayyad University, Mohamed Bentalha Doukkali, believes that this meeting “comes in the context of strategic, security and logistical cooperation between the two brotherly countries,” noting that it is “an occasion to present many military files to study and scrutinize them, and to search for strategic visions to strengthen stronger relations between the two countries.”

Bentalha explained in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews that “the issue of the borders between the two countries and the gaps that exist will be on the table for discussion between the two parties, given that many Polisario mercenaries with cars bearing Mauritanian numbering to camouflage observers, which are often used in terrorist military operations, to infiltrate through these border areas.”

Separatist mercenaries “infiltrate from these borders under the pretext of prospecting for gold, and they are nothing but armed militias trying to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts.” Therefore, the issue of controlling the borders between the two countries will be one of the first priorities.”

The professor of higher education at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences in Marrakesh pointed out that “Moroccan-Mauritanian relations are characterized by dialogue and good neighbourliness,” adding that “the consolidation of these relations must take place through strict security and military monitoring of these borders so that peace and security prevail in this region.”


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