Morocco and Angola sign cooperation agreements covering different areas

Morocco and Angola sign cooperation agreements covering different areas

Morocco and Angola signed, on Tuesday in Rabat, agreements and memorandums of understanding relating to the diplomatic field, higher education, scientific research, innovation, tourism, justice, mines and hydrocarbons.

These agreements were signed on the occasion of the holding of the 3rd session of the Joint Morocco-Angola Cooperation Commission, co-chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita, and the Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Angola, Téte Antonio.

This is a cooperation agreement in the areas of higher education, scientific research and innovation, the objective of which is to strengthen and extend the fields of cooperation in these areas, in particular through the sharing of experience and expertise with regard to the integration of digital technology into university pedagogy, the pooling of the use of scientific and technical research platforms, as well as access to bibliographic databases.

A framework cooperation agreement on tourism was also signed on this occasion with the aim of promoting cooperation between the central tourism agencies of the two countries, their national tourism and transport establishments and their professional agencies and associations in the tourism.

In detail, the two parties will develop their cooperation through the strengthening of the exchange of information and expertise between the competent institutions in the field of training in the management of tourist and hotel establishments, the promotion of sustainability and competitiveness. tourism, and the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector.

A cooperation protocol was also signed between the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Angola aimed at promoting in particular the exchange of justice personnel. as well as experiences in legal, legislative and information and communication technologies in the judicial sector in addition to the organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and other activities on the basis of reciprocity.

Similarly, a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the fields of mining and hydrocarbons was signed with the aim of creating a cooperation framework allowing the implementation of cooperation actions leading to the realization of projects of common interest. in the fields of mining and hydrocarbons.

In the diplomatic field, the Moroccan Academy of Diplomatic Studies (AMED) and the Angolan Institute of International Relations, signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening the partnership between the two parties and establishing a framework for sustainable cooperation. and dynamic in terms of training young diplomats and exchanging experience and information in the field of diplomacy and international relations, through the organization of training courses for diplomats, the exchange of publications and of experts and researchers in the field of diplomacy as well as the sharing of know-how.


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