Morocco, an industrial champion for Africa and a leader in greenification

Morocco, an industrial champion for Africa and a leader in greenification

Digital transition and e-government, development of I’green industry in Africa, mobility or even Smart Cities were at the heart of the exchanges of the third season of the “Stories of tomorrow” program of TNP consultants.

“Accelerating and financing I’sustainable industrialization of Africa” is the theme of the event organized under the supervision of the “Stories of tomorrow” program of TNP consultant.

Several experts responded to the appointment of the meeting. Coming from different countries among others: Morocco, France, Mauritania, and Ivory Coast. These specialists in the field have come together to highlight the vocation of establishing a digital perspective for Africa.

On the e-government component, these professionals emphasized the role of the digitization of administrations and public policies, something that will allow transparent governance of countries and better management of government investments and public strategy.

In order to ensure a greener industry, the guests highlighted the need to accelerate the industrialization of the continent and the development of economic sectors, something that will put Africa in line with competition with digitalized countries.

On this subject, during the second round table of the meeting, the Moroccan example was implemented. Morocco is “an industrial champion for Africa and a leader in greenification thanks to a very strong photovoltaic, wind and I’green hydrogen,” said TNP President Benoit Ranini.

This green transition therefore allows it to distance itself from other African countries which do not yet have the maturity, skills and capital necessary to accelerate their industrialization. A distancing which means cooperation, consolidation and digital and technological support for non-digitalized countries.

An observation also shared by Eric Bonnel, the adviser to the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco, who declared that the Kingdom is the only continental example to have a real industrial strategy and ecosystems, in particular automotive, aeronautical, but also infrastructures like Tanger Med which has become the first African port and the twenty-third in the world, allowing the country to succeed in its industrialization.

Finally, on the urbanization aspect, the speakers insisted on the need to think about imagining and implementing the fundamentals of the African city of tomorrow to ensure the right urban investments that allow the development of African cities and consequently the evolution of Africa.


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