Morocco among the countries most affected by poverty according to the 2022 World Index

Morocco among the countries most affected by poverty according to the 2022 World Index

Morocco is included in the recent edition of the Global Poverty Index for the year 2022, after having ranked 68th in the world out of approximately 160 countries around the world, in a ranking ranging from ” worst to best“, dropping from 115th place to 68th place.

The Hanke’s Annual Misery Index (HAMI) ranking for the 2022 edition is based on the measurement and calculation of this index based on three main indicators: the unemployment rate, the inflation and bank borrowing rates. This study is supervised each year by Steve Hanke, a professor specializing in applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, whose results have been published in the American magazine “ National Review“.

What can be observed in this index is that the five Maghreb countries have one thing in common: unemployment rates are the main factor contributing to the situation of misery and unhappiness in these countries.

When it comes to Morocco, the country is ranked higher than all other countries in the Maghreb region, including Egypt (52nd place), Algeria (41st place) and Tunisia (43rd place). The index also reveals that unemployment remains the main contributing factor for Morocco’s ranking, with a score of 36.565 according to the index.

It is striking to note the deterioration in Morocco’s ranking between the 2021 edition and the recent 2022 edition, dropping from 115th place in the world (close to the category of least unhappy countries) in the 2021 edition of the index. , in 68th place during this edition.

As far as Egypt is concerned, the main contributing factor to the misery index is none other than inflation, which reached record levels last year in this most populous Arab country.

Between Kuwait, ranked as the happiest Arab country in the world and the second in the world ranking, and Syria, ranked third in the world (first place in the Arab world) among the most miserable countries (after Zimbabwe and the Venezuela), Morocco ranks 11th in the Arab world in the index of misery, moving considerably away from the ” Arabic quartet » (Syria followed by Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen) which dominates the scene of “global misery” for the year 2022.

While Mauritania ranks 44th in the same list, Libya remains ranked 30th globally.

The index data and their scores indicate that the Gulf countries remain among the best in Arab and global terms, with Oman in 147th place, followed by the United Arab Emirates in 143rd place, and Saudi Arabia in 100th place. place, among the best Arab countries.


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