Morocco advances in global rule of law index for 2023

Morocco advances in global rule of law index for 2023

Morocco has climbed to the 92nd position in the Global Rule of Law Index for 2023, which evaluates 142 countries worldwide.

Published by the “World Justice Project” Foundation, this marks an advancement of four places compared to the previous ranking.

Within the Maghreb region, Morocco now holds the third rank, and it stands as the sixth highest-ranked country in the Eastern region. In the broader Middle East and North Africa, Morocco achieved an overall rating of 0.48. Denmark leads the global list, with Venezuela following.

In specific sub-indices, Morocco ranked fourth in the Middle East and North Africa and 76th globally for “restrictions imposed on government powers.” It secured the 88th global spot in the “absence of corruption” index. Morocco also stands as the second-ranked North African nation and 101st globally in the “Government Transparency” index, with an overall rating of 0.43. However, it ranked 114th in the “Fundamental Rights” index.

Morocco’s position in the “Order and Security” index is 89th globally and sixth among Middle Eastern and North African capitals, with a score of 0.69. Additionally, it leads in North Africa and ranks 66th globally in the “Enforcement of Regulatory Regulations” index.

In the “civil justice” index, Morocco occupies the 72nd global position and is fifth in the Middle East and North Africa, with the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, and Algeria taking the top four spots. For “Criminal Justice,” Morocco holds the 95th global ranking.


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