Morocco adopts electronic visa for foreign tourists from July 10

Morocco is now turning to an electronic visa system that will facilitate travel for foreigners wishing to discover the country. Travelers will no longer have to go to consulates to pick up a printed visa.

The Moroccan government decided on Thursday to switch to the digital visa, a decision validated during the government council. “Foreigners who want to visit Morocco no longer have to go to consulates to get a paper visa,” announced government spokesman Mustapha Baitas.

This reform was made on the instructions of King Mohammed VI, and it should take effect from July 10. It will facilitate the travel of tourists from 49 countries, who will now be able to apply for electronic visas, directly on a web platform and receive their visa online after 24 or 72 hours at most.

Three categories are concerned by this electronic visa, these are in particular Thailand and Israel, holders of residence permits from visa-free countries such as those belonging to the Schengen area, or even Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.

The validity of the electronic visa will be 30 days, with the possibility of extending it for 6 months with multiple entries.



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