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Morocco accepts the remarks of foreign human rights organizations but refuses the instrumentalization of their reports

Justice Minister Abdellatif Ouahbi said Monday in Rabat that Morocco accepts the observations of foreign human rights organizations but refuses bad faith exploitation of their reports.

In response to an oral question on ‘the practices of certain foreign human rights organisations’‘, at the initiative of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) group in the House of Representatives, the Minister declared that “Morocco refuses the exploitation of reports in bad faith for political purposes or for reasons concerning the strategic positioning of the Kingdom and its borders”.

Emphasizing that the publication of numerous reports on human rights in Morocco remains a normal practice given that the country has acceded, in this respect, to numerous conventions, the Minister indicated that the processing of the said reports is entrusted to the interministerial delegation for human rights (DIDH) through direct responses or when necessary.

“The said reports do not in themselves pose any problem. Because, when they point out positive aspects, we respond in a positive way and when there are criticisms, we assume our responsibility”he noted.

On a completely different register and in response to a question about ‘‘land spoliation’‘, posed by the group of Progress and Socialism, Abdellatif Ouahbi assured that his department gives this problem the necessary interest through in particular the amendment of certain texts of law as well as the establishment of a commission within of the Ministry of Justice responsible for monitoring files concerning land theft, in addition to the quantification of real estate in a particular situation, neglected or abandoned.

Supporting figures, he reported the existence of 4,037 abandoned properties already listed and placed under control, indicating that a digital platform detects any illegal action to which they may be subject.

And to add that his department is intransigent in the face of land spoliation, intervening immediately when it comes to a suspicious case while ensuring the follow-up of the file to put a definitive end to this phenomenon.




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