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Morocco, a “world leader” for its action against climate change

The British Ambassador to Morocco, Simon Martin, said on Wednesday in Rabat that Morocco is a “world leader” in its action against climate change.

As part of a visit by the British Prime Minister’s special envoy for trade to Morocco, Dr Andrew Murrison, commemorating 100 days since the holding of COP26 in Glasgow, Simon Martin hailed the enormous progress made by the Kingdom in the transition to renewable energies.

The British diplomat stressed the importance of continuing this ambitious action, adding that Morocco remains one of the few countries that have been able to establish a specific contribution at the national level to reduce CO2 emissions to reach the required levels.

This commitment places Morocco “at the top of the list”he continued, explaining that the Kingdom enjoys a certain flexibility because its economy does not depend on hydrocarbons.

Simon Martin also pointed out that there is bilateral work being carried out through the Energy Transition Council, established in Glasgow, the objective being to gather the necessary funds to contribute to Morocco’s energy transition.

He also highlighted the role played by the private sector, stressing the importance of encouraging investment from this sector in green projects in both countries.




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