Morocco, a “solid partner” of the United States

Morocco is a “solid partner” of the United States in the fight against terrorism, underlined the American expert Richard Weitz, director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis of the prestigious think tank “Hudson Institute”.

“American security experts and officers regularly praise Morocco’s counter-terrorism and anti-extremism policies” violent,” Weitz said on the 23rd anniversary of Throne Day.

In this context, he noted that Morocco and the United States share the objective of preserving stability in the North West African region in the face of the rise in terrorist threats in other parts of the Africa and the Middle East, in particular the risk of conflict spillover into the Sahel.

Moroccan-American cooperation is manifested both bilaterally, thanks to the military agreement signed in October 2020, and multilaterally through the regular African Lion exercises, the largest military training operation on the continent, in addition to the Forum. Global Counterterrorism Coalition and the Global Anti-Daesh Coalition, the US expert said, noting that this partnership helps protect millions of people from transnational terrorism.

Weitz also noted that Morocco has undertaken targeted reforms to counter the rise of violent extremism, including the restructuring of the religious field and the promotion of the virtues of a moderate Islam, based on the values ​​of justice. environment.

He also cited the example of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulemas and the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates which have trained hundreds of religious leaders whose influence extends across Africa. , Europe and the Middle East.

Another sign of the vigor of the Moroccan model of moderation and middle ground, the multitude of conventions that the Kingdom has signed with other countries to support the development of their religious institutions, concluded the director of the Center for Political-Analysis member of the Hudson Institute think tank, based in Washington.



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