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Morocco, a regional power that enjoys political stability and significant growth potential

Thanks to the reforms undertaken by the Kingdom and the modernization of its economic fabric, Morocco is positioning itself as a “regional power” enjoying political stability and significant economic growth potential, underlines the Spanish Credit Insurance Company. Export (Cesce), a study center with the Spanish State as its majority shareholder.

“The Moroccan economy has undergone remarkable modernization in recent decades, thanks to the authorities’ commitment to improving the investment climate, which has created many opportunities,” said Ricardo Santamaría, director of the “Risk” department. country and debt management ”at Cesce, during an economic day held recently in Madrid.

Morocco also enjoys political stability and the potential for economic growth allowing the country to strengthen its position as a development hub in the region, noted Ricardo Santamaria, emphasizing the importance of trade relations. between Morocco and Spain.

Last year, 18,000 Spanish companies exported goods to Morocco worth 7.4 billion euros, he explained.

In the same wake, Lucia Bonet, country risk analyst at Cesce, argued that, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco “has undergone a profound transformation”, noting that the Kingdom is the Muslim country “where the civil liberties are the greatest ”.

In this sense, the analyst also praised Morocco’s growing position as a regional power, its strengthened strategy in sub-Saharan Africa, its return to the African Union and its position as mediator in regional conflicts.

By sector, explained Ms. Bonet, “we must underline the expansion of the automotive sector, which has made Morocco the leading exporter of cars on the African continent”.

“Renault, Dacia and Peugeot, for example, are based there and the Chinese company BYD has announced that it will manufacture its electric cars in Morocco,” she recalled.




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