Moroccans’ travel plans hampered by Schengen Visa brokers, prompting calls for action

Moroccans’ travel plans hampered by Schengen Visa brokers, prompting calls for action

Moroccan travelers are increasingly concerned as unauthorized Schengen visa appointment brokers exploit the visa application process.

This obstruction makes it difficult for many  to secure appointments for Schengen visas, which are necessary for travel to European destinations.

According to a previous report by Schengen Visa Info, the practice of brokers scheduling Schengen visa appointments has become distressingly common in Morocco, creating a significant obstacle for those seeking to travel to European countries. 

These brokers employ automated bots to pre-book visa appointments, subsequently selling these slots to desperate Moroccan individuals who are eager to secure visas.

The cost for such appointments can soar to as high as 1,000 euros, a significant amount given that the average monthly income in Morocco is only 357 euros.

This exploitation is especially concerning, as it takes advantage of the ambitions of Moroccans who are working towards traveling to European destinations.

Schengen visa appointment availability through legitimate channels, such as visa centers, has been severely impacted. The rapid reservation of all available appointments by these automated bots makes it nearly impossible for applicants to secure a slot.

The unethical involvement of these intermediaries has become so noticeable that several Moroccans, including students and artists, have voiced their frustration over being unable to secure a visa appointment without having to pay excessive fees to these brokers. 

El-Mobaraky Mohamed, the Manager of Tarwa N-Tiniri, said in a Facebook post, “We faced a long struggle and challenges as we prepared for our summer art tour in Europe. The problems began due to visa appointment brokers, which made it difficult for us to obtain the necessary entry visa appointments. However, after persistent efforts, we finally succeeded in acquiring the visas that will allow us to celebrate the remaining performances, starting from Portugal to Bologna and Spain.”

Advocates for human rights and equitable travel opportunities are intensifying their calls for action. Hassan El Idrissi, the head of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights, said to MoroccoLatestNews AR that the unregulated actions of these brokers undermine the very essence of universal human rights. 

El Idrissi underscored the urgency of addressing this crisis, imploring European embassies to swiftly introduce digital platforms that would disrupt the dominance of these brokers and ensure fair access to visa appointments.

With the ongoing challenges faced by Moroccan travelers, the urgency for prompt intervention to dismantle this exploitative network becomes more apparent. The appeal to restore  the principles of lawful Schengen visa access holds significant resonance among advocates and concerned citizens alike.


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