Moroccans stranded in Gaza appeal for repatriation, as conditions worsen under Israeli siege

Moroccans stranded in Gaza appeal for repatriation, as conditions worsen under Israeli siege

Moroccans stranded in Gaza are appealing to authorities to facilitate their repatriation to the Kingdom, as the Israel’s war against Gaza enters the 10th day mark.

As Gaza residents attempt to survive under a tight Israel-imposed siege, which has left them deprived of food, water, electricity and gas, contact with Moroccan nationals has proven difficult.

MoroccoLatestNews contacted Moroccan nationals in Gaza, one of whom pleaded: “We appeal to King Mohammed VI… There is no one to turn to after God except our king to save us and return us to Morocco, so all we ask for is safety and security.”

Roula Roubhi Safi, a Moroccan doctor in the Gaza Strip, said in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews AR: “We are besieged and detained under bombardment. Our homes were destroyed and we were taken out to the streets, and we do not know where to go.”

“Everything we had in our homes is lost, and we do not know where to go.”

“We sleep on the ground and seek refuge under the sky. We took refuge in hospitals and were expelled from them, so we went out into the streets from the north to the center and then to the south, and we do not know where to go anymore,” said the doctor, adding:” Here…we only have God and the King.”

Moroccan national Nisrine Youssef Makkoussi, a widowed mother to orphaned children tells MoroccoLatestNews AR: “All we ask for is safety… Our homes have been destroyed and we are now displaced. We live in terror.”

“We lack the minimum necessities of life. We are about 50 people from the Makkoussi family, most of whom are children, and we hold Moroccan citizenship.”

“We appeal to the King, the Moroccan people. My children are hungry and I cannot find anything to feed them. All we want is safety.”

Faiza Makkoussi, a Moroccan from the Gaza Strip painted the horrors of the conditions in Gaza in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews AR, saying: “We are under bombardment in difficult living conditions… We do not know where to go, after we left from the north of the Strip to the south.”

“Everything is gone… Make our voice heard to the King, to bring us out of death, we are expecting death at each moment.”

Sources had previously told MoroccoLatestNews that the Moroccan government is unlikely to carry out repatriations of its citizens in Israel amid the ongoing war, primarily due to the relatively small number of Moroccans exclusively holding Moroccan passports residing in Israel, “which does not exceed a few dozen.”

However, no mention has been made for Moroccans living in Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip.


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