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Moroccans spend 48 min on their smartphone and RS

The average time of use of Smartphones, tablets or computers for communication, socialization and leisure through social networks is 48 min, 54 min/d for men and 42 min for women, 1 hour for city dwellers and 26 min for rural people, revealed the High Commission for Planning (HCP) in a recent study.

Entitled ” Intra-family social relations Situation compared to before the pandemic“, the HCP report specifies that this daily time is longer for people with a higher education level (1H 35 min against 17 min for those without school level), for students (1H 45 min against 50 min for active occupied and 37 min for housewives), young people aged 15 to 24 (1 hour 31 min compared to 36 min for people aged 45 to 59).

In its study, the High Commission specifies that this period is longer for people with higher education (one hour and 35 minutes against 17 minutes for those without any level of education), and for students (one hour and 45 minutes compared to 50 minutes for working people and 37 minutes for housewives), and for young people aged 15 to 24 (1h31 compared to 36 minutes for 45 to 59 year olds).

In comparison with before the pandemic, the HCP underlines in its report that 88% of users of these means for socialization purposes use them as much as before the pandemic, 5.5% use them more, 4.8% less and 1.7% had not used it before.

Regarding sociability with family and friends, the same source reveals that the frequency of exchanging visits and meetings with family members and friends is on average only once a month for 38% of Moroccans, 2 to 3 times a month for 43%. These exchanges are more frequent (more than twice a month) for 18%, 17% for city dwellers and 21% for rural dwellers.

Moreover, the same study indicates that nearly half of Moroccans (47%) meet their families and friends as many times as before the pandemic, 28% do so less regularly, 2% more times and 7% do not do so. more. 14% did not before the pandemic and continue not to do so.



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