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Moroccans must change their consumption habits

Following the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19, the global economic recovery was accompanied by a dizzying rise in prices. An outbreak that has had a strong impact on the purchasing power of citizens, especially Moroccans, who have seen the prices of several basic necessities drop upwards. How to fix it in the face of a government that stumbles to calm the crowds as Ramadan approaches in “ fire“.

Solicited by MoroccoLatestNews UK on this subject, Bouazza Kherrati, president of the Moroccan Federation of Consumer Rights (FMDC), affirms that there is indeed a global crisis, and its negative impact on purchasing power is a reality. But the outbreak observed in this month of “ Chaâbane » and the approach of the holy month of Radaman contain a percentage which amounts to the relentlessness of consumers on food products, analyzes the expert.

The excessive consumption of Moroccans in this month of Chaâbane and Ramadan causes the prices of food products to increase. With the crisis, the drought, in addition to the fact that Morocco does not produce most of the products they consume a lot, one wonders if it is not time for Moroccans to change their consumption habits?“, asks Bouazza Kherrati.

In response to this question, the president of the FMDC believes that ” the Moroccan consumer must make an effort on his side and change his consumption habits so that he does not feel the strong impact of this crisis“, noting that it is” inconceivable that Moroccans continue to throw away bread, couscous, pasta and other foods while we are not producing most of their products“.

But not only ! This consumer rights activist argues that it is also time that we » let’s also change our way of eating to preserve first of all our purchasing power which has been impacted, and will be again, by this soaring price but also to preserve our food sovereignty“.

Consumption awareness almost non-existent on television

Changing habits and raising awareness require a colossal effort on the part of the person concerned first, then on the part of the competent authorities or even civil society, which plays an important role in guiding and raising awareness among citizens.

To be able to convince Moroccans to change their eating habits, Bouazza Kherrati believes that this must first start with education from an early age in schools.

As far as adults are concerned, the same activist insists on the role of civil society which cares about consumer rights and which must have an awareness space in Moroccan and other channels. But this space unfortunately does not exist, confides to us the president of the FMDC.

There is normally a space dedicated to raising awareness. But corporations sell it and close the door to civil society. Have you ever seen an awareness capsule from an association shown recently on Moroccan television? Despite the fact that the law gives us a certain period for free which we unfortunately do not take advantage of“, observes Kherrati.

And to conclude: If we analyze the percentage of the presence of civil society in radios and sites, it is 5000% greater than our presence in television. There are some television channels that dedicate a moment to us once a year, on World Consumer Day. Otherwise, we don’t have any programs that concern consumer rights “.




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