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Moroccans insulted and mistreated once again in Algiers

As part of the second day of the group stage of the CAF Champions League, Wydad Athletic Club of Casablanca faced Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie on Friday 17 February. But unfortunately, this sporting event, which was also politicized, was spoiled by supporters oriented by the Algerian regime.

Indeed, during this sporting meeting which took place at the July 5 -1962 stadium in Algiers, the players of Wydad Casablanca were first welcomed in a very hateful way, then mistreated and insulted by the Algerian supporters.

As soon as it arrived in Algeria on Wednesday evening, the Wydad delegation faced a series of provocations. The Moroccan team first had its audiovisual equipment taken away upon arrival at the airport by the local authorities, before confiscating all of its equipment, used to film and photograph the activities of the delegation in order to post them on social media. Acts that prompted Wydad to publish a press release Thursday evening, asking its supporters not to go to the Algiers stadium.

The club has also asked its supporters not to give in to provocations that would push the match out of its sporting context, in accordance with the regulations governing the competition“.

But visibly well recruited by the Algerian regime, the Algerian fans did not stop insulting the Moroccans, throughout the match, as during the Africa of Nations ceremony (CHAN 2022). The impolite and very inappropriate slogan: โ€œ Give him bananas, the Moroccan is an animalโ€once again resurfaced in this game.

A shameful and rude act which once again demonstrates the hatred that the Algerian regime bears against Morocco and Moroccans, even taking advantage of a sporting event, and while FIFA has repeatedly called not to politicize football.

But OK ! This gesture, observed by Algerian supporters, was even predicted by Ferhat Mehenni, head of the Movement for the Empowerment of Kabylia (MAK). Indeed, the Kabyle activist had, a few hours before the start of the match, predicted the political manipulation of the match and the supporters for the purposes of political propaganda by the Algerian leaders.

Match JSK-W.Casablanca, tonight in Algiers. The soldiers have reserved platforms for theirs to denounce Morocco in the name of the Kabyles. Kabylie is with those who recognize it, not those who repress it. Long live the Kabylo-Moroccan friendshipโ€œ, he had written.

The hostility of the Algerian military towards Morocco was not limited to insults. The flag of Morocco has even disappeared from the stadium. Indeed, it is customary for the flags of the countries of the two teams participating in a match of CAF competitions to float in the stadiums which host the matches. The flag of Morocco was censored by local authorities, while the Algerian flag floated.

A hateful and unusual maneuver of nameless baseness that did not please Wydad officials, who immediately complained to local authorities. Embarrassed, the latter ended up removing the Algerian flag so as not to have to display the Moroccan.

After the end of the match, Tunisian WAC coach Mehdi Nafti abruptly left the press conference room after a clear lack of respect from the organization and Algerian journalists.

Starting to answer a question, the coach saw someone pick up a microphone from the table and then put it back while speaking out loud, with no regard for the coach. Irritated but polite, Mehdi Nafti let the man replace the microphone before resuming his answer, but another incident showing the lack of respect and consideration for the guest, caused the WAC coach to leave the room wishing a good evening for journalists.

Tunisian WAC coach Mehdi Nafti left the press conference just seconds after it started. Whiners ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ#Algeria #Algeria

โ€“ FARID BOUSSALEM (@Algrienouvelle5) February 17, 2023

Algerian Internet users have themselves testified to the lack of professionalism of Algerian journalists and organizational shortcomings, affirming that the coach of the Fennecs, Djamel Belmadi has continued to make remarks and criticisms on this subject.

Such incidents in Algeria and targeting Morocco during sporting events have multiplied in recent months, such as the refusal to open the airspace to players of the National Championship (CHAN) for a direct flight from Morocco, which precipitated the non-participation of Morocco, double reigning champion.

For the Arab Cup organized in Algeria, the U17s, children, were attacked by opposing Algerian players and by the Algerian public who came to insult.

In September 2022, while taking part in the final of the Arab Cup, played in Oran in Algeria, the players of the Moroccan under-17 selection were, for their part, attacked by the players and the Algerian public. while the Algerian team had won.



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