Moroccans’ individual wealth for 2022 reaches $13,862, says new report

Moroccans’ individual wealth for 2022 reaches ,862, says new report

According to a recently released global wealth report by Credit Suisse and UBS banks, the wealth of the average Moroccan individual amounted to approximately $13,862 annually, equivalent to around MAD 137,000, in the previous year

The report highlights that the total wealth of Moroccans collectively stood at $347 billion, which corresponds to about MAD 3.4 trillion, for the same period.

The report ranks the countries most affected by wealth loss, with the United States leading the list, followed by Japan, China, Canada, and Australia. On the other hand, Russia, Mexico, India, and Brazil recorded significant wealth growth.

In terms of individual wealth, Switzerland claimed the top spot globally, followed by the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and Denmark.

The individual wealth of Moroccans was around $3,857 in the year 2000, marking an impressive increase of 259% over the past two decades.

The report further indicates that the global wealth reached about $454 trillion by the end of the previous year, experiencing a decline of 2.4%.

The report forecasts that the total global wealth will reach $629 trillion by the year 2027.

The wealth decline in the past year was notably prominent in affluent countries in North America and Europe, where a combined loss of $10.9 trillion was recorded. 

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific region suffered a wealth decrease of around $2.1 trillion.

Latin America saw an increase in overall wealth of approximately $2.4 trillion, driven by improved values of local currencies against the US dollar.


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