Moroccans in Spain protest against poster campaign

Moroccans in Spain protest against poster campaign

In Spain, at least seventy associations of activists and representatives of Spanish civil society of Moroccan origin sent a letter to the President of the Central Electoral Council, Miguel Colmenero Menéndez de Luarca, to denounce and strongly and categorically condemn the posters published and displayed by the Spanish Workers’ Front party in the streets of Madrid, with the sole purpose of attacking the values ​​of Morocco and its national symbols.

We, the undersigned, associations, activists and representatives of Spanish civil society of Moroccan origin in Spain strongly and categorically condemn the aberrant, scandalous and offensive, published by the Labor Front party, in the streets of Madrid », denounces the Moroccan and Spanish civil society of Moroccan origin in its letter that some Spanish media have published.

In this sense, we urge the electoral council, which had in similar situations ordered the removal of offensive, sexist, xenophobic or illegal posters and banners, to act accordingly and order the immediate withdrawal of this display, which violates, diminishes and undermines the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution and discriminates against groups and minorities and attacks the feelings of many citizens“, add the letter.

These associations and activists are also asking for the opening of a judicial inquiry to find out the source of funding for the Frente Obrero party. Association activists claiming that according to various publications, “third parties” are behind this defamatory campaign, against alleged illegal funding. What in the eyes of the associative group constitutes an alleged crime of interference in the internal affairs of Spain with the aggravating circumstance that it coincides with a decisive electoral campaign in the democratic history of “our country”, concludes the document signed by the entities of thea Spanish civil society of Moroccan origin.

Moroccan civil society residing in Spain strongly condemns these childish and immoral provocationssystematic and deliberate promoted by certain parties hostile to any solid and strategic relationship between the Kingdoms of Morocco and Spain and assures that these hostile actions will not affect the ties between the two countries. She considers the symbols of the Kingdom of Morocco and the national identity as red lines that can in no way be used in the electoral political struggle in Spain.

In addition, the associative group also calls on all democratic forces and human rights organizations to condemn this behavior which reflects the mentality of a racial mechanism which appears each time in a different political outfit. “We consider Moroccan-Spanish relations as historic, common and interdependent, and no party cannot oppose their development“.

Finally the document concludes We share with our community and our representative institutions in Spain their categorical rejection and condemnation of these acts hostile to the Kingdom of Morocco and its symbols, and we declare our appeal to all political, electoral and judicial institutions interested in repelling these desperate attempts, which will not affect our relations with the Spanish State with which we have a long historical relationship. “.


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