Moroccans implicated in an international money laundering network

Moroccans implicated in an international money laundering network

The Italian and Spanish authorities, with the support of the European police “Europol”, discovered an international criminal network specialized in money laundering, comprising 33 individuals including Moroccans, Syrians, Italians, Albanians and Colombians. No less than 18.5 million euros were seized.

Europol said in a report that those arrested were all linked by an organization that includes many international companies laundering money from illegal activities, including drugs from Europe and South America. South.

To cover up its illegal activities, the network has relied on performing business transactions under the guise of electronic companies such as phones, or drugs, spread across the globe. Spanish and Italian police have tracked down companies that are part of this network, based in China, Turkey and the United States.

The European police have confirmed that the dismantling of this criminal network, the investigation of which began in May 2020, in coordination with the European Union Agency for Cooperation in Criminal Justice “Eurojust”, has resulted in the confiscation of approximately 18.5 million euros of financial assets.


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