Moroccans call to boycott Marrakech restaurant allegedly owned by Polisario sympathizer

Moroccans call to boycott Marrakech restaurant allegedly owned by Polisario sympathizer

In the wake of the tragic Saidia incident, when Algerian Coast Guards shot dead two Moroccan nationals stranded in Algerian waters, a Marrakech-based restaurant named “MY GYROS” has found itself at the center of controversy for its “Polisario-sympathizing” Algerian investor. 

The issue revolves around the alleged restaurant owner, an Algerian woman who goes by the name Samira, publicly voicing her support for the separatist Polisario front following the tragedy, and promoting unfounded theories regarding the incident.

Samira said on Snapchat, “Polisario is a movement of the liberation of Sahara or rather a successor of the movement.”

After her post, many Moroccans started an online campaign calling for a boycott of the restaurant, and asking for Samira to be held accountable.

The restaurant, MY GYROS, now faces questions about its ownership. Essoualeh Jamal, a Moroccan man, has stepped forward to assert that he is the rightful owner of the establishment, contradicting Samira’s claims, in a four-minute-long apology video.

Jamal clarified that MY GYROS is a Moroccan franchise and distanced himself from Samira’s statements, offering his apologies for not exercising more caution in the hiring process.

He also attempted to provide evidence supporting his ownership, though the authenticity of the documents has come into question due to their low quality, leaving room for continued speculation.

What has stirred public outrage are Samira’s remarks in support of the separatist group Polisario, which she describes as a “liberation movement.” 

Screenshots of her Snapchat conversations on the X app further fuel the controversy. In these exchanges, Samira suggests that the killings near Saidia were not Algeria’s responsibility as “Muslims wouldn’t kill Muslims.”

She went on to propose a theory that “non-Muslims” aim to sow division to consolidate their control, even including the Israeli flag in her remarks. Samira, however, emphasizes her inability to delve deeper into the political subject matter.

In a separate video, Samira admitted to only recently discovering the term “Polisario” through an internet search after googling it, claiming no prior knowledge of the group. 

She expresses bewilderment at the accusations against her, highlighting her efforts to create jobs and generate revenue in Morocco.

Despite her insistence that she did not accuse the Moroccan coast guards of killing the two young men, negative reviews drowned MY GYROS, with the X app users continuously condemning Samira’s words. 


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