Moroccans await their turn, as diverse nationalities evacuated from Gaza

Moroccans await their turn, as diverse nationalities evacuated from Gaza

Moroccan citizens stranded in the Gaza Strip are awaiting evactuations via the Rafah crossing, as one of the nationals severely injured is on the verge of entering Egyptian territory for critical medical treatment, according to an inside source from the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah, as reported by MoroccoLatestNews.

In the previous batch of deportations to Egypt, a diverse array of nationalities were included, ranging from Jordan and Bulgaria to Australia, Austria, Japan, Indonesia, Finland, and the Czech Republic. Notably, these lists also comprised members of the Red Cross and non-governmental organizations.

On Thursday, a multitude of nationalities nationals  from the United States of America, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Italy, North Macedonia, Mexico, and Chad are being evactuated.

Morocco’s embassy officials received assurances from relevant authorities that Moroccans in Gaza would be promptly deported.

The Moroccan embassy official underscored the immense pressure currently experienced at the Rafah crossing, with numerous countries vying to evacuate their nationals from the Gaza Strip.

The intricate and time-intensive process involves close coordination with the Egyptian and Israeli authorities, facilitated by Moroccan liaisons in Tel Aviv and the Moroccan Embassy in Cairo.

According to data obtained by MoroccoLatestNews, the number of Moroccans seeking evacuation from the Gaza Strip stands at 272 individuals.

The embassy continues to maintain daily and continuous contact with them, ensuring their safety and providing ongoing assistance until they safely reach Egyptian territory.


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