Moroccans among world’s most non-alcoholic drinkers

Moroccans among world’s most non-alcoholic drinkers

Morocco has entered the top 17 countries globally for having the highest percentage of non-alcoholic drinkers, according to recently published data by Insider Monkey

This list comprises nations with predominantly Muslim populations. Morocco holds the 11th spot with an impressive 94.6% of its population refraining from alcohol consumption.

Despite the availability of alcoholic drinks in Morocco, the country maintains a strong abstinent culture. 

The concern of regulators centers around the patterns and locations of alcohol consumption. It’s worth noting that Morocco produces its own alcoholic beverages and benefits financially from alcohol sales. 

The 2023 Finance Bill expects that the fee imposed on the consumption of those products during the next year will generate MAD 859 million, up compared to MAD 630 million in 2022.

This is part of a a record growth in tax revenues derived from internal fees imposed on the consumption of alcohol, wine, beer, and tobacco, with a total of about MAD 14.45 billion for 2023.

Nearly 100 million litters of alcoholic beverages are consumed annually in Morocco, despite the current penal code prohibiting its sale to Moroccans, with the legislation in question dating back to 1967.

Fees imposed on soft drinks and lemonade are expected to reach MAD 655 million in 2030, up compared to MAD 480 million this year.

The ranking showed the leading  nation for non-drinking is Libya, with 99.5% non-drinking rate. This is followed by Afghanistan (99.1%), Yemen (99%), Mauritania (98%), and Kuwait (97.9%). 

The rankings continue with Syria (97.7%), Solomon Islands (97.1%), Pakistan (96.5%), Iran (96%), and Sudan (95.2%). Egypt (94.3%) secures the 12th place, followed by Jordan (93.9%), Iraq (93.8%), and Algeria (93.5%). Saudi Arabia (93.4%) and Comoros (93.3%) round off the list.

Insider Monkey’s ranking draws from data provided by the World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory. The criteria for inclusion were adults aged 15 and above who have never consumed alcohol. 

Globally, 35% of men and 55% of women abstain from alcohol consumption.

These countries with high rates of non-drinkers all share a common characteristic: a predominantly Muslim population. 


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