Moroccan women’s national team coach confident ahead of World Cup clash with Colombia

Moroccan women’s national team coach confident ahead of World Cup clash with Colombia

French coach Reynald Pedros said in a press conference he was optimism about the Moroccan women’s national team’s preparedness to face Colombia.

Pedros conveyed that the team had undergone thorough preparations and was ready to secure a positive result, aiming for a victory against their formidable opponents.

“We have studied the Colombian team meticulously and devised a tight game plan to outwit them and come out victorious,” stated Pedros confidently during the press conference.

Recognizing the significance of the upcoming encounter, Pedros emphasized that this match was one of great importance in the realm of football and that any presumptive predictions about its outcome were bound to be inaccurate. He acknowledged the formidable challenge posed by Colombia, who had managed to defeat Germany, a significant accomplishment in the tournament. However, Pedros was steadfast in reminding everyone that when it came down to it, the match remained a football contest where anything could happen.

“We anticipate a combative match with the Colombian national team, filled with thrilling moments. Our focus is on giving our best performance,” added Pedros.

The stakes were high for the “Atlas Lionesses,” as a victory in this match could bolster their chances of progressing further in the World Cup, and Pedros made it clear that they were eager to seize the opportunity. He spoke passionately about the Moroccan project in women’s football, which had experienced substantial development in recent years, and the team’s determination to showcase their potential on the global stage.

The much-anticipated clash between Morocco and Colombia is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, with the kick-off at eleven o’clock Moroccan time (GMT + 1), taking place at the “Perth Oval” stadium in the Australian city of Perth.

The women’s national team currently sits in third place in Group Eight, securing 3 points, closely trailing Germany, who leads on goal difference. Meanwhile, Colombia occupies the top spot with six points, while South Korea lags at the bottom of the group without any points.


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