Moroccan truck driver flees Niger, successfully reaches Dakhla

Moroccan truck driver flees Niger, successfully reaches Dakhla

Three Moroccan drivers are still stuck in the Nigerian capital Niamey, waiting for the signal to cross into Burkina Faso, while another driver preferred to flee to Mali amidst the unrest in the African country.

Well-informed professional sources indicated to MoroccoLatestNews that “the worsening health condition of one of the Moroccan drivers stranded near Niger prompted him to flee to Mali, namely a water boat and cars for clandestine transportation.”

The source reported that “the Moroccan driver faced great difficulties during his trip from Niger to Mali due to the dramatic deterioration of his health as a result of malaria,” stressing that “the driver succeeded in reaching Moroccan city Dakhla with the help of Moroccan trucks in Bamako.”

According to the same source, “the deterioration of the health condition was not the only motive that made this driver the only option to flee to Mali, but also the depletion of his financial resources due to the continued delay in receiving his dues from the transport company he works for.”

The Moroccan driver received care in a military hospital in Dakhla upon arrival, before he traveled yesterday towards the city of Agadir in order to receive the anti-malarial vaccine, which was provided through donations from professionals in the sector, said the source.

The Moroccan driver’s condition is currently stable, as is the case of other Moroccan drivers stranded in Niger who are awaiting diplomatic efforts led by the Kingdom’s embassy in Niamey, to evacuate Moroccan nationals safely.


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